My name is Nevena Hristozova and my goal - to find the best ways to popularize science.

I write, talk, joke and generally breathe science. Next to my standard everyday endeavors (like going to work), I spend most of my time surrounded by science and scientists. My biggest passion in the field is biotechnology (especially the molecular one) with my near completion PhD in biomolecular engineering and a MSc in biotech of natural resources, but you can often hear me podcast about astronomy, biomedical sciences, academic problems – the works. I moved to Belgium in 2012 and since got to dip my toes deep into science communication waters thanks to the wonderful network of people I continue growing.
Presenting at specialized scientific conferences hasn’t been enough outreach for a long time now, but you only have 24 hours/day. I get that! Which is why I want to help you get your science noticed. Together we can work out the best tools and circles for dissemination, so get in touch with your story or ideas and we can start from there.


Postgraduate Certificate  in Science Communication and Outreach – University of Leuven
PhD Biomolecular engineering (in process of graduation) – Vrije Universiteit Brussel
MSc Biotech of Natural Resources (focus on Plant Biotech) – University of Helsinki
BSc Biotechnology – University of Sofia

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