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(Event will be in Bulgarian)

Science stand-up comedy (Sofia, BG)

Brace yourself for a scientific experiment prepared by Nevena Hristozova, founder of Scircle, with chemists FameLab finalists Nasko Stamenov and Boris Yanachkov. They will convince you that science can be just as funny as it is exciting. Expected side effects – stomach ache and facial muscle failure. Long-term collaterals – increased interest in communicating with scientists and drastic dip of uneasiness in the company of researchers, accompanied frequently with increased levels of curiosity. 

PS This event is particularly suitable for people without any scientific knowledge whatsoever.

Link to the recording will follow soon!

One of the biggest science festivals happening simultaneously around the world! 
This year, for the second time, Belgium is going to be one of the Pint Of Science host countries! 24 countries, multiple cities in most countries! In Belgium we host the festival in 14 cities and multiple venues per night. Become part of the amazing atmosphere of meeting cool scientists, learning and experiencing cool science and all that while chugging a tasty pint of your fav beverage or soda! 

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Ecology across borders:
Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals (Lisbon, PT)

The overarching theme of this conference, Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals, is intended to promote discussions and interactions on how to integrate basic and applied ecological research, and their trans-disciplinarily impacts, for the effective implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Researchers and various stakeholders will have the opportunity to share outputs and innovative solutions in debates, round-tables and symposia, among others.

The meeting is open to all: students, researchers from the public and private sectors, and stakeholders involved in the fields of ecology and conservation, evolution, genetics, environmental sciences, climate change, agro-forestry, social-ecology, economy, managers, and related disciplines.

We invite you to be part of this creative and exciting congress, by contributing with your recent results, expertise, and ecological research in all areas of ecology, and also in other scientific areas on the interface. The congress will prove to be an excellent opportunity for discussion, exchange and transfer of knowledge, as well as helpful in improving your collaborative network.

Follow the link to the official Congress page.